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2012 Miss Rodeo California

Miss Mackenzie Cayford

Mackenzie Cayford, Miss Rodeo Lakeside, was crowned Miss Rodeo California 2012, at the Paso Robles Inn, in Paso Robles on October 6th.

In addition to being named Miss Rodeo California, Mackenzie was also presented with awards for Personality and Appearance during the pageant.  Mackenzie is the daughter of Bob and Cindy Cayford.

Miss Rodeo California, Mackenzie Cayford

Mackenzie is a 23 year old resident of Valley Center, California.  She plans to attend San Diego State University to pursue an accounting degree, which she will use to open an accounting firm that focuses on handling the financial aspect of veterinary practices.  Currently, she works at Countryside Veterinary Hospital, where she enjoys spending time with animals in need.

Mackenzie has been involved with horses since the age of four and has competed in a variety of disciplines.  She is grateful for her experiences with horses and rodeo because of the values that they have helped instilled in her.  Mackenzie has represented several different rodeos in Southern California and has maintained involvement with each community she has had the privilege of working with.  She believes in preserving the traditions of hard work, sportsmanship, and perseverance that the sport of rodeo has laid its foundation upon.  Helping people realize that they can accomplish anything by following this path is something Mackenzie works hard to do.

Miss Rodeo California Mackenzie Cayford

Throughout 2012, Mackenzie will cherish the ability she has to travel as Miss Rodeo California to promote California and the sport of professional rodeo and everything it stands for.  She looks forward to the opportunities she will have to attend different rodeos and equestrian events throughout this nation.

Photo courtesy of Miss Rodeo California Pageant

Photo courtesy of Miss Rodeo California Pageant

The PRCA Ram California Circuit Finals Rodeo wishes Mackenzie much success during what promises to be an extremely exciting year for her. We wish her safe travels in her journey while promoting the sport of  professional rodeo as California's Ambassador.


Who is Miss Rodeo California:  Miss Rodeo California is a young lady who strives to promote the State of California and the sport of professional rodeo.  In doing so, she also endeavors to promote the great western way of life with its strong morals and values.  Miss Rodeo California will be a talented, personable horsewoman with a vast knowledge of the sport of rodeo, the equine industry, and the State of California.  She is a young lady who enjoys travel and has a sincere interest in garnering educational experiences that will assist in laying a solid foundation for her future.  For more information about Miss Rodeo California, please visit their website.

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